That's some sexy guitar porn

i think it looks great, they are a bit longer than on an average guitar, but i think that makes it unique (and not in a "i messed up so i'll call it unique" way, in a good way)
that looks awesome not too long at all
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yeah its a very horny guitar

lollerz icwutudidthar

I don't like the first guitar, horns are too long and the body is too small.

The second one is fantastic! What is the name of the body wood?
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Your opinion sucks! Nah, kidding, but I hate that. The guitar the TS,posted is incredible, although the upper horn might just be too long. I look at it and like it, then look back and don't anymore. Can't make my mind up.
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I like both guitars. The second one looks kinda like a J-bass with the offset curve, but like an Ibanez Xiphos with the two very thin, X-like horns. The first one has a long bass horn but it's just a touch too small... hmm. I prefer the second one, though, just because it's more unique.
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i really like that guitar, second is ugly as hell though.

horns are fine.
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I dig it
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after reading comments... i wont say that they are too long.
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I don't know, I mean, All things considered the second one could be worse. If the guy that made it likes it then surely that's all that matters ?