I think the mods need to start cracking down on this stuff.

We see ATLEAST 10 of these threads a day, most from newbs, some (maybe 1/10) from more experienced people.

Its always the same thing...

"I like brootalz metal like a7x, what should I get Spider III or MG?"

Or even worse-

"I have 30 dollars whats a cool amp?"

I know that when you first enter the guitar world a guitar is pretty strait forward (so long as you understand how to play)
but amps can be confusing, to me they were just big black boxes with a speaker in there somewhere that my guitar made sound through...
but the barrage of "which amp" threads has gotta stop, or atleast slow to a managable state.
I know I'm not the only guy who gets tired of answering the same thread over and over again...

now I am not about limiting all talk on amps in this forum, I think a thread asking for information or opinions on a certain amp is fine, like-

"Is the speaker on the Vox VT-15 any good?"

also thread discussing specific amps, but not just-

"name me a brutal amp and I'll go get my aunt to buy it for me"

I also think it would be okay to have more origional threads like

"does anyone know some amps made by Marshall that have a good jazzy sound?"

If you're a newb and need info on an amp, please use this ingenious device I invented, I call it a searchbar, it allows you to enter a few words, any at all, and it will show you threads about those keywords, *GASP* so feel free to search "spider III" just dont make another MG vs. Spider vs.Cube thread, please, please...

EDIT: This should totally be stickied
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This shouldn't be stickied, it utterly fails.
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That's it :|
you're right it does get innoying, but some people might have more specific questions or criteria that cant be found with the search bar, i spose there will always be 'which amp' threads, because everybodies tastes and financial situations differ.
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This shouldn't be stickied, it utterly fails.

The "There shouldn't be amp questions" threads are far more annoying. That is what this forum is for. If you are tired of it go do something else... like... oh lets say something crazy like play guitar.
having a crackdown on amp suggestion threads defeats the purpose of this forum, which in turn defeats the purpose of this thread.

*reportoir* <---ok, that wasn't funny, but all these french films in the background have been affecting my brain. what i meant to say was *reported*
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there should be a crack down on whineing threads, just dont click on the thread if you dont want to read it. god its that simple
PLus... its not your job to answer threads, so dont answer them if u dont want to
Wow you've been here two months and think you know how to run the forum better than the mods that have been here for years.

You do get that this is what this part of the forum is for right?
I expected this to be in the pit after reading the title...

but yea I see a lot of repeat posts on amps around here and most of them could be avoided if someone simply used the search. I think "Roland Cube" as an answer is easily given 5 times a day...

Theres a lot of this at R&R as well....mostly the "How to I record to my computer?" type stuff though which is why I made some videos which are pinned. I think it stopped a lot of posts however theres still those members who just dont even look at the pinned posts...
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Shut yer trap.

do you think I joined UG, the day I learned to play guitar? I had played for 1-2 years before I even knew this place existed...
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Hey guys in the last 3 weeks I ****ed all the girls in this picture, what do you think?

So you're still new, so have no right to complain. When you've been here for 2 years + you're allowed to get pissed at the same threads
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this is so stupid ill just answer it the same way i answered the last one:
Quote by jof1029
i prefer threads where we can actually help people to threads that tell people that they are doing things wrong. you know, like this one. what amp threads are like half the threads in GG&A for a reason, people have a ton of different situations and a single sticky isnt going to cover it. yes it is obnoxious if people dont do any research first, but i dont like to take things away from everyone just because a few idiots do things badly. personally i like to hear and play a few amps before i ask about what i want/need, but for some people in the middle of nowhere thats not possible.

what im trying to say is, almost all what amp threads have more of a point than this thread. which means....


far from being stickied, im going to start warning people who make threads like this. they are completly useless and utter spam.
I wouldn't have a problem if people would come up with creative answers or something to actually help the TS, like stating tonal qualities or specs, and listing comparable amps instead of saying "Valveking" or "Classic 30" which is the most common response.

I also hate hearsay. If you haven't heard an amp, don't suggest it and don't talk **** about it.