I've been thinking, next guitar I get was gonna be a 7 string, preferably ESP if possible. But anyways, the figured that you could use them for metal because of the extra B string, but also play normal stuff because of the other 6 strings. What's your opinion to them? Thanks

You can use the low B for more than just metal.

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You can use the low B for more than just metal.

If I get a 7 string, its gonna be for metal, I play metal mostly already with my 6 string, but just in Drop C or something.
my same plans, ibanez also has some nice 7 string guitars with relatively thin necks
an their is a thread for 7 string guitars here
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I've got a Schecter 7 string and I now actually find it easier to play a 7 string (even if I'm not using the low b), even to play 6 string songs. You can also use a 7 string for jazz, not only metal, plus I find it useful when writing riffs because you can make low and heavy sounding riffs without the need to tune down.
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You can get some sick jazz going with a 7 string. Charlie Hunter?
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Well I enjoy metal songs a lot, mostly the classic metal like Judas Priest or something. But I also enjoy those heavier, ballsier chunkier songs like Waking The Demon by Bullet For My Valentine. I like heavy noted riffs definitly. I really like ESP's F series guitars, I like the body look, especially the F-2E, but if someone knows another brand that makes somewhat 'evil' looking guitars, let me know.
the ibanez rg7321 is actually quite nice and cheap (390 dollars us, but you can find them used for like 200). The pickups are a bit muddy but I don't mind, the 7 string stuff my band plays is korn-like stuff which doesn't really need super hot pickups.
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I don't think Esp has any great 7-string out there. Except for the SC607, but that doesn't suit everyones tastes. I'd say check out Ibanez if you like thin necks and Schecter if you want your necks to be a little chuckier.
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