hello. i am moving into my dorm for my first year at coolege next week and don't want to carry my Behringer 30 watt amp that would not only take up too much space and bee too loud, but also get me laughed at by the rest of the guitaring community (though i don't know why, i don't think you could get a better amp for just $80). i've been browsing mini amps and have so far found the Marshall MS2(mini half stack), MS4 (mini full stack), the fender mini tone master, bassman, Danelectro Honeytone, and a couple by Dean Markley that i don't know the names of. The Ms4 looks like it would be the best, but what do i know? i have no experience at all with any of these. can anyone help me with suggestions or recommendations? my spending range is $50 but i could probably find expensive stuff for cheap on ebay.thanks in advance
MS4 or have a look at the Vox headphone thingies. Cant remember the model name, but its a mini amp you plug ear/headphones into. Great little things
my friend has the marshall half stack one
has good overdrive
but the clean is terrible
yea im not even considering the roland cube or micro spider. im not really into the amplug or headphone amps either but i'll consider those
the marshalls suck eggs. save up for a micro-cube thats top gear stuff man. i love my micro cube.
How about the Danelectro Honeytone? its only $20 and the reviews say its good
I think you will get laughed at more if you have a honeytone than your 30 watt. You sir, need a microcube or Da5. Save up, anything else will get you laughed at AND you will likely hate it within a week...
Wait a second... you're worried that your tiny little 30 watt 1x10 Behringer will be too loud? Try something new... headphones. And there's a reason Behringers get laughed at by pros... they suck. They can't be inventive so they just copy. And toting around a little toy amp like one of those Marshalls would get even more laughs methinks.
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if i have enough cash for the micro cube. i only have $41 right now. meybe i'll just take my behringer with me
whatever you do, dont get a dean markley. i have one, and it was the biggest waste of 25 bucks i have ever seen. they have pitiful cleans and lame distortion. it doesnt work well for any style of music.
I got a Fender Mini Deluxe, which is perfectly capable for what it is intended, and doesn't sound too bad.
You could try the Orange Minicrush. I think that's what it's called. It's supposed to be pretty good, for a mini amp.

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I have a minicrush and it's not too bad. I like it because it's made out of wood with a metal chassis. It seems very well built.
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Minicrush comes with a built in tuner, which I think is a big advantage for such a small amp.
orange micro crush ftw

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