hi , well my guitar sound really bad its an classic guitar , i was wondering if thr is any trick to pull to mk this guitar sound better
Try tuning it.

Idk, you're really not being very specific. Maybe put on a new set of strings?
And spell, do that first.
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Sell it and buy a better one.
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could be old strings, out of tune, could be damage to the guitar, you can be losing tune quickly (check your tuning knobs), or it could be the way that you are playing (for instance when playing chords hitting or muting notes you don't want to.
Thanks guys for such great advice , for the spelling English is the third language I speak , for the playing I am not that good but I am not bad either so I would know if its my guitar that sound ****ty or me , for strings it's Jackson I bought them 3 months ago , maybe its out of tune the problem is I don't know how to tune and please if you're not gonna help me don't comment cause u guys sound gay
Are those steel string guitars on a classical guitar? It will sound **** if that's true.

Dunno, maybe it's a laminate top guitar. Maybe some pics, brand/model, etc?
yeah it's steel strings on my guitar (classic guitar really old no model is written on it) sorry i don't have a pic for it.
take the steel strings off, replace them with nylons (you said it was a classical guitar)

invest in a tuner and tune it


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no problem

wow, i think thats the first time anyone's agreed with me on UG :P
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Maiden, if you leave those steel strings on a classical guitar it will rip your bridge right off the top, steel strings exert too much force for a classical instrument. normally people are much more cordial here, pay them no mind.