Im lookin for a new head for my cab.
I wana spend around £200 (I will go higher or lower, but lets not get ridiculous)
And the cab I will be running it through is a Peavey 115BX-BW 1-15" Speaker Cabinet w/ Black Widow 15".

I have been looking at the Hartke HA2500 in particular, I have had a mess about with other hartke amps before and been quite impressed.
And yes, I will be trying before I buy.

Thanks guys.
have a look at ashdown mag heads, along with the harke ha2500 they are the only good ones around £200 i can think of.
Well the Hartke may or may not be enough wattage for you, so keep that in mind. Tone wise an Ashdown will have a more old school tone, so if you want that, then get a MAG 600 head. They are 300 USD, so you should be able to get one in your price.