i got an idea today
and i still don't have a band, so once again i was forced to make a ****ty recording on the garageband machine
it's on my page
let me know what you think
I want Super Saiyan abilities
It was pretty decent man I think it needs some vocals through to really get the song across or maybe trying doing it with more instruments and some lead over top or something like that. But I could see it turning out pretty cool just keep adding to it.

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you guys are good
but other than selfless existence your songs all feel like they have the exact same tempo
i guess that doesn't matter too much, but I'd write some faster songs too

i would love to put vocals and a a full ska band behind this track
i just thought of it today and put down the basic idea because I have no band at the moment
thanks for the feedback
I want Super Saiyan abilities
the guitar is essentiall background noise for horn parts that would have gone somewhere haha
I want Super Saiyan abilities
at first, the intro seemed bland, kind of weird... and when it jumped into the other part, it just didn't fit together. maybe some transition between the two would make it work better. But when i heard the same part as the outro i think you could make it better by playing the intro part with a different rhythm, something less strict to the beat. If you add drums, you can find different ways to play that same riff or whatever. The middle part was good, it sounds well written just not recorded well. sounds a little out of tune, and a few takes of that part rerecorded, you could make it sound better

A good song, i'm just trying to help and give ideas.
check mine out please.

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thanks for the input
i need to re-record the intro
i just realized i messed up the amp model one it
anymore thoughts?
I want Super Saiyan abilities