Fireflies - First off, apologies for the vocals on this one, I was using an old mic, that was bugging out. This one's an instrumental, all acoustic, written in an hour. The lyrics at the end are:
"The only thing about fireflies
though it's open to others' eyes
They can't see their own light
You're such a beautiful firefly."
(For my girl, of course.)

The Weight (w/ Ruben Melendez) - This one was a project me and a buddy did online, me being from New Jersey and him being from California, 3,000 miles away. I love the dual solo.

Beads - My newest, from messing around with my fruityloops demo. I'm quite proud of it, though.

Shine - Music by me, lyrics by my buddy Jeff, with a little help from me. This is actually ovr a year old.

Improvisation in C - Just messing around with my recording setup I got two years ago and its effects.
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