Iv got some money
Around £100 (not sure what that is in dollars, although i think is around $200)

Now i was thinking about possibly buying and OD, ( i still feel my amp is missing that tight low end and abit of clairty and im hopeing the OD will clear that up?)

Or i could leave that , and buy something like a flanger or something like that.


EDIT : Any OD recomendations Appreciated

Edit 2 : I was thinking a fulltone Fulldrive?
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I like the Ibanez TS-9, very warm sounding.
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A Fulldrive would be great, but an OCD would work just as well if you didn't want to spend as much.
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Well for you it seems that an OCD would be better. The Fulldrive isn't really that tight. Actually it's more like a booster kind of pedal. The OCD is a tighter OD, espeically in the low end compared to the Fulldrive!
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Maxon OD808, maybe?
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Any of the above.
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