I have fret buzz on my low E striong. or e whatever one is the lowest. Its on the 4, 5, 6 fret. how do i get rid of it ? I know i can raise / lower the action but how? wheres the action. Is it that first bar on my guitar were the strings are? do i twist that nut with a screwdriver.
please help
Woah, woah, woah. Put the screwdriver down and take a deep breath.

Ok, first off it'd help to know what type of guitar it is and what type of bridge it has. Pictures would be excellent, but a description will suffice. Secondly, how long has it been doing this? Did you do or change anything to cause it?

If you're not sure of what you're doing, don't try to adjust the action yourself, you could cause yourself a costly headache later. Please post some more info.
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Yea dude dont go messing with things you dont understand...major way to mess up the guitar...depending on what type of guitar it is there is a few things you can do...give us the model of guitar and a better description of the issue...maybe even some pictures...then we'll do our best to help you out
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its a yamaha pacifica PAC012
you can look it up at guitar center website to see the specs, i havent changed anything on it at all.

Its been doing it for probably a month. As im getting better i just started noticying it, and knowing that its not how guitar is suppose to sound. Its not a huge fret buzz, just a little one, but you can notice it.
Well, if it's bothering him it's evidently audible...

The cause of fret buzz is when the strings touch other frets as they vibrate. This can be done by a bowed neck, low action, picking too heavily, or new strings (don't know why, it just is).

If you've just put new strings on, play using large bends and the type for a while (10-20 minutes should suffice) to help the strings settle in. Watch your tuning during this- the strings should end up flat if they've been "unsettled" previously.

If this hasn't resolved it, picking reasonably lightly (but audibly) on the offending fret(s) will check if you're picking too heavily. Not stupidly light, just not heavy to the point of an open string buzzing. I doubt this is the problem in your case since it's only a few frets instead of the whole thing.

If that's not the case, press down on the 1st and last fret on the fretboard on the low E string, then take a look at the string in between the 2 frets being used. If it's in contact with any frets, your problem is with the truss rod. I've never had issues with this, so don't know my stuff well enough to advise you here.

If that isn't the case either, it must be the action. Press down on each of the offending frets, and check along the string you're pressing down towards the body of the guitar to see if it's touching any other frets. If it is, your action is too low, so take a measurement of how high it is at present for each nut you're adjusting and take a screwdriver to it. Take it up about a quarter of a turn, ish. Retune your guitar (changing action detunes it), and check for fret buzz. If it's still there, repeat the cycle until it isn't.

I think that's all...