Okay so this has been bugging me for a while. Most amps I've seen have the effects loop in the back. If you're going to hook up some pedals on your board to the loop, how exactly do you do it; doesn't it require some extraneous cable to go around the amp from the board? It just seems so much easier if send and receive were up front, or am I missing something.
it's supposed to make it sound different. iono how. cleaner maybe? i know that noise suppressors in the loop is supposed to be better because it kill amp noise along with guitar and effects noise.
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Lots of those amps have an fx loop on button, so if you use your amps pedal then it is fine. Your not missing something, you pretty much just have to get 2 long cables and tape them down if you dont want to risk tripping.
1. sometimes there isnt room

2. might have to do with the circuitry

3. its kinda ugly to have on your amp so hiding it isnt a bad idea ( IMO)

4. Dude its like a foots difference i ncable length at most:S

But I understand what your saying and its interesting more amps dont do this.
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mine are on the front of the amp ....for the effects loop the input of the pedal goes to the send and out put goes to return. im pretty sure what the loop does is put the effects in after the preamp and before the power amp
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