Im looking to buy a new bass guitar and spend under 300$, I've looked around guitar center and online reveiws and havn't seen anythat jumped out to me. So far the most highly rated ones I've seen under 300 are Dean's and Ibanez's. I could really use some personal opions. Oh yeah this might sound like a dumb question but will I also need an amp for a bass or could I use one of the ones for my electric guitar? Thanks
What kind of music do you play? Look into the Squier vintage modified series. I picked up the 70's jazz bass for $275 CDN. It's a squier in name only.

Playing bass through a guitar amp will not only sound bad, it will most likely damage the speaker in your guitar amp
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If you use a bass through your guitar amp, you can expect to have to buy a new guitar amp some time in the near future.
I played my bass through a guitar amp one time and it exploded.
Now I have to play my guitar through my bass amp.
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get the ibanez grs200 and an a peavey practice amp or a acoustic b20
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