Poem, C4C

Melting In The Jackpot

Slipping on cracks, you’ve found in yourself,
falling back on words you never knew were true.
But florescent is different from incandescent,
incandescent is just half an incantation away from descent.

Maybe even decent,
is this new light to behold the bee hive.
Play your cards wrong and you might learn to bee-have
in a world where it only matters to be and have,
through the eyes of dainty deities.

A looking glass of transparent gold
that tells me where your heart is.
Somewhere between the Cardiac
and arctic arrest,
where it bleeds,
where the home is.

Sweet as apples
keeping the doctor away.
Please don’t say
that I have one more day to live;
I’d rather die
not doing what I’ve always wanted,
instead I’ll haunt it.

Ghosts of your past like Ebenezer,
tell me,
“that you’ll end up like Timmy.”
Belittled, in one negative integer
below sea level,
can you see me levelled?
Adding one line for each one of mine you’ve chewed.

Luckily I can only count to 7 (7 7), staying one step ahead of you.