I bought this RR 7 string and the connection was horrible, and I thought it was just my cablee. I unscrewed the input jack and could tell it was a problem. I unsoldered everything and redid it, but now there its tons of noise when i play it. You can hear the guitar, but if you just mute the strings, the feedback overpowers everything. This is the best picture I can get. I cut the main wire, soldered the wires in the wire to one point. and stripped the other wire and soldered it to the other.

Tell me what I did wrong
it sounds like you soldered the wires backwards. under a normal situation, the ring of the OUTPUT jack is your GROUND wire, and the TIP of the jack is your HOT wire, or signal.

EDIT: don't bump after 30 minutes either, it may takes days to get a decent response from anyone.
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Yeah thats a problem alright. Before you get offended. 1-10 whats your soldering skill like? Do the beads of solder look shiny or dull [could indicate rapid cooling and not properly conducting or so I'm told].
Any wires touching something they shouldn't? I.E, ground or other wires or in some case sheilding materal.
Wires improperly connected like a hot wire on a ground and ground to a hot [Mostly deals with output/input
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