I have an Ibanez GRG170DX and i am wanting to buy new pickups for it, for a more distorted sound with more bass than the current pickups put out. Any suggestions? It has passive stock pickups. Most pickups i look at (such as the EMG 81/85 set) are active. Would that be hard to install myself? Would i have to cut new holes for the batterys?

Im also wanting a new amp, im thinking about possibly getting a Marshall MG series halfstack (the $599 one). My friends talk about what peices of crap they are but the ones i have played at guitar shops dont seem to sound very bad. Whats so bad about them? Also can you make any other suggestions of other halfstacks within the $500-$800 price range? It will be for metalcore/hardcore gigging.
If you're looking for a new amp and are looking for an MG, of all things, this must mean you're current amp isn't the greatest thing in the world.

Don't worry about the pickups just yet, a decent amp will definitely give your sound new life and could be exactly what you're looking for, whereas new pickups might just make it worse (you won't notice too much of a drastic change in sound if your amp is, say a small crate practice combo)

The thing about MG's is that you're basically just paying for the Marshall name.
for 500-800, i would seriously look into craigslist, ebay, local shops, etc for a used TUBE peavey or marshall or anything tube really, or maybe even a good Randall, even if its not tube.

For metal/hardcore, one of the most popular amps is the Peavey 6505. I'm sure for your price range, you could find one, halfstack or combo, used.

And you don't really need a halfstack, you could even have a 50-watt tube combo and it would be loud enough for anything you need it for. Just a nice tip that could help you save some cash.

Oh, and btw, this is on the wrong forum. This should go into the Guitar Gear forum.
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My pickup suggestions:
Bridge: GFS Power Rails - Metal Leads and Rhythm
Middle: GFS Alnico Boutique Single-Coil - Single-Coil Clean/Crunch
Neck: GFS Vintage 59 - Smooth Vintage Leads and Rhythm

GFS pickups are known to have noticably more bass end than other brands, plus they won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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You dont need a half-stack. Get a Randall RG50 combo amp, and you should be alooot happier with your sound. MGs are notoriously bad around here, so maybe check eBay/craiglist/shops with used stuff as well.
indeed, you don't need a halfstack. a combo is fine, under almost all situations.

MG's are not favored around here. If you're going to spend that kind of money, please, dear god, go tube. the amp is 80% of your sound alone. You'll be 100 times happier with tube.

Don't listen to people that say 'get a new geetar dude..urs sucksz"...it's fine if it plays. For pickups,

PASSIVE- i like GFS just because of price and sound. I have played the crunchy paf and love it. 25 bucks how could you go wrong?

ACTIVE- I use an EMG 81 at 18 volts. It's okay. not great.

Can you solder? You'll need to be able to do so to replace pickups.

You shouldn't have to route extra cavities for batteries, unless you want to put in a nice looking battery box. Just put them under the pickguard somewhere, or in your trem cavity if you can find room.

have fun.
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a tube combo would be better than a halfstack. dont get the MG. there are better halfstacks and tube combos that are better than the MG in terms of sound and build quality. for the EMG pickups, i think it's better to buy a new guitar with better quality and pickups.
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Like I said eric, mg stacks suck, go Randall or Peavey. And I like DiMarzio SD, they give a good distorsion for the bridge and a DiMarzio PAF Pro for the neck and keep the middle single for cleans I guess?
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