an insecure man looking for judgement on his fantasy *american football team

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QB Jay Cutler, Denver
RB Steven Jackson, St. Louis
RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville
WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona
WR Chad Johnson, Cincinatti
WR Jerricho Cotchery, NY Jets
TE Kellen Winslow Jr., Cleveland
K Stephen Gostkowski, New England
DST Jaguars

QB Marc Bulger, St. Louis
RB Lendale White, Tennessee
RB Ray Rice, Baltimore
WR Nate Burleson, Seattle
WR Eddie Royal, Denver

it's my third year doing this and i've won my league once and come close the other two times. I think this team will be dominant, your thoughts?
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I thought you meant proper football.

My bad,
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it looks solid although winslow isn't a big touchdown guy but that could change this year you never know
i do not see the dominance in this team. a few players maybe. but not the team as a whole. make a few trades.

EDIT: after further reveiw.... i take my previous statement back
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The only person I recognise is Chad Johnson.
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trade who?
cutler will be FAR better than anyone thinks
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I thought you meant proper football.

My bad,

LOL too true.

I really do know nothing about american football. Not even the rules.
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Quote by OfficerSxyPants
it looks solid although winslow isn't a big touchdown guy but that could change this year you never know
Yeah. I'm a Browns fan and Braylon Edwards tends to be the target in the red zone over Winslow. Winslow caught only 5 TDs last year.
id take a gamble on carson palmer.

he has two amazing recievers, and a pass happy offense.

bulger should do good if they dont all get injured like last year
I like your depth at RB, I'd consider making a trade to get a superstar.

Hey guys, the league "ultimate-guitar" for Yahoo fantasy football is still open. PM me for the password. I think the league ID# is 114605. Peace.
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I don't think Steven Jackson's very dominant at all. He did good 2 years ago, when he was getting moderate carries, but when he started bitchin for more touches, he didn't live up to the hype.

And Mark Bulger has a hard time producing, since Rams offensive line is generally beat up/inexperienced. If Orlando Pace is healthy this year, then maybe he will do better cuz the Bulge will get some protection.

That's all I know about football really, since the Rams are my home team.
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Havent heard much about Cutler being a good QB, but with Chad Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Kellen Winslow, it seems solid.
its a solid team but i dont think dominant. the only problem with cutler isn't really him. who does he have to throw to? no one really so that is a problem. you could put cutler with cotchery/johnson and try to upgrade at qb.
I live in Denver. Cutler had undiagnosed diabetes last year, he lost over 40 pounds and most of his arm strength, and was still a better than average QB. He's recovered from that (still has diabetes since you don't just cure it) but he's going to blow up i think
Steven Jackson is a BAMF
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Steven Jackson is overrated and missed most of training camp. Maurice Jones-Drew is splitting carries with Fred Taylor. Ray Rice has little fantasy value unless McGahee gets hurt. Your WRs are pretty good but Winslow is coming off yet another knee surgery. Depending on the strength of the rest of the league, your team is ok to good, definitely not dominant.
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^Brandon Marshall, maybe? Other than him, no one, but he does have a future top 10 WR to throw to.

didnt he get suspended?
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****. Yeah, he's out for 2 or 4 games, don't remember. Good point, forgot about that.

i just checked it he is out for 3 games so cutler is missing his biggest and only true target. cutler is ok but you need to upgrade. bulger could have a really good season since pace is supposed to be healthy so your solution could already be on your team
trust me
cutler will be great
and i traded jason cambell for bulger straight up so i could have a solid back up plan
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cutler and winslow i think are your only weak spots. but thats just me. see how the season starts out and if you need to make a move from there. you have depth at wide receiver and running back so you could use that to get a trade done.
Drop cutler and try to get garrard man.
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You can't prove that people DON'T walk on water. turn water into wine etc.
yeah, broncos rule
maybe theyll win a playoff game this year

*sigh* a man can dream

EDIT: Detroit will be pretty good this year and they have a great young recieving core so you might want to put Roy Williams or Calvin Johnson in there.
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While were at checking out Fantasy Football why don't you guys check out mine and tell me what you think.

Drew Brees (QB NO)
Willis McGahee (RB BAL)
Kevin Smith (RB DET)
Braylon Edwards (WR CLE)
Calvin Johnson (WR DET)
Chris Chambers (WR SD)
Jeremy Shockey (TE NYG)
Rob Bironas (K TEN)
DST Jaguars (DST JAC)

Philip Rivers (QB SD)
Deuce McAllister (RB NO)
James Hardy (WR BUF)
Marcedes Lewis (TE JAC)
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Q: OK, so do you care about the labels — nastiest, edgiest team in the NFL?

Jim Schwartz: It's better than the alternative — meekest, least aggressive, softest team in the NFL.

It's rather hard to give a solid rating of a team if we don't know how many people are in your league, what kind of league it is, and any scoring nuances different than what's in pretty much every league.

A team that's going to be mediocre in an 8-person league will probably dominate a 12-person league, for example, and quarterbacks are worth more in leagues that value passing touchdowns more heavily or start two quarterbacks.
Cotchery could be a good pick with Farve now as a Jet. I wouldn't make many moves, i think the team is really well balanced.
12 man league
pretty standard score
6 for TD's 2 for safeties, 1 point per 10 rushing yds and receiving yds etc.
i was picking 5th at the draft
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12 man league
pretty standard score
6 for TD's 2 for safeties, 1 point per 10 rushing yds and receiving yds etc.
i was picking 5th at the draft

Looks like you waited on quarterback, which tends to be a solid strategy. A lot of people are high on Cutler this year, and I can't see Bulger being as bad as he was last year, especially with Saunders in as OC.

Like the RBs outside of White. Jackson and MJD are both extremely solid, Rice is everyone's deep sleeper because the Ravens hate McGahee because he's lazy, but everyone's high on Chris Johnson right now in Tennessee, keep an eye on him.

Really like the WRs, that's easily your team strength. Your starters are all extremely solid, I think Burleson is underrated, and everything I hear out of Broncos camp says Royal has been extremely refined for a rookie. Winslow also is solid at TE.

Kickers and defenses are all close enough they're irrelevant, so I hope you didn't stretch too much to get Gostkowski.

I'm half interested to see who you got in what round, because if everyone performs to expectations you're probably going to dominate a 12-man league.
Quote by kool98769
Drop cutler and try to get garrard man.

Garrard's ability to avoid turnovers makes him a good real-life QB, but his numbers are sub-par for fantasy, particularly with the running game Jacksonville has and the receivers they haven't.
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i drafted david akers with my last pick
somebody dropped gostkowski so i snagged him

edit: here's my draft order, looks like i actually drafted 6th, forgot

Pick 6: Steven Jackson
Pick 19: Larry Fitzgerald
Pick 30: Maurice Jones-Drew
Pick 43: Chad Johnson
Pick 54: Kellen Winslow
Pick 67: Jay Cutler
Pick 78: DST Jaguars
Pick 91: Jerricho Cotchery
Pick 102: Lendale White
Pick 115: Jason Cambell (traded for Marc Bulger)
Pick 126: Nate Burleson
Pick 139: Rashard Mendenhall (rolled the dice and replaced with Ray Rice)
Pick 150: Bryant Johnson (replaced by Eddie Royal)
Pick 163: David Akers (replaced by Stephen Gostkowski)
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