Since my style changed to the point where I don't like it, I went back to epic/melodic metal. This is probably my best one yet. Its only the start of it. Im taking my time on this one, I want it to end up just how I want it. I ussually suck at making guitar riffs, so tell me how they are.

By the way, I made this song first on piano. I was just in my basement with my keyboard, playing around. Came up with this and added guitar and drums.

Im probably going to add more strings and such tomarrow and finish it over say a week.

C4C of course.
song 21.zip
Man I gotta be honest with you. That's some good ****. The guitars ain't so good though. The basic song structure is excellent though. Sounds really nice.
I think it'd be better if you kept the lower notes in the right hand piano, while playing the higher octaves. It'll keep the tension that way, otherwise it'll lack that mid range. Other than that, intro's pretty good. I like what you did with the harp .

Drum's a bit too overwhelming and chaotic to be epic or anything, but otherwise intro B was fine. A bit too core, though. Nice to see you're not doing those goddamn cliched harmonization!

I can't help but get the feeling I've heard the piano in the verse somewhere before, I just can't place it. But otherwise it's great.

Pre-chorus lacked some balls . Idk, it just didn't gave off any tension that makes the listener begging for a chorus. Chorus also didn't made any fulfilling resolution whatsoever. Sounded more like a pre-chorus, tbh. But it wasn't bad, just nothing outstanding, and not that strong for a chorus. Fun, though, and maybe vocal lines could fix it.


But, this wasn't too epic . Melodic, yes, but epic, not quite there (I'm hating that word more and more each day. It's been bastardized, raped, sodomized that nobody hardly know what it means anymore. Yes, we've been misusing it all these times).

So, yeah, this song was quite nice. Not exactly my taste, but I still could enjoy it. Nothing outstanding nor overly-interesting, but all in all everything was good. I don't think it needs as much reworking as much as it needs to be progressed, as everything was quite nice as they are. Now go and finish it!

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I love it. The piano was a nice touch. The drums were pretty boring but they did the job (my drums suck so dont worry about it to much).

The bend at the start of the verse was just begging to be turned into a solo. The piano in the verse would be a great backing for it.

It ended too soon. I defenitly think you should have put in an extra verse and/or solo over the verse, another chorus and a proper outro.

In short, it is a fantastic composition, but it just feels incomplete.

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