Right first of all, if there is a big thread on this i've missed, my apologies. Getting a biggish pedalboard in the next couple of weeks so want to know what kind of order to stick the pedals i have on it. I have:

Wah Pedal
Whammy Pedal
MXR 10 band EQ
MXR ZW overdrive
Korg Overdrive pedal
MXR EVH Phase 90
Guyatone Phaser (lighter phaser sounds than the MXR)
Fender PT10 Tuner

Also in the future would definately like to invest in a dunlop volume, and a delay at some point. (if you have any you're selling, esp in UK please PM me anyways)

I prefer the wah and whammy on the left but dont suppose this effects the placement order in the chain, just have to do some crafty wiring. And am getting a larger pedal board to put my amp footswitch on too so should just about squeeze everything on!

Hope you can help or point me in the right direction!
Well I'd place the tuner first. Then after that wah. Of the two overdrives, I generally place the one I'm using as a booster before the other. Then after that I'd let that go into the amp.

I'd place the rest in the loop. First the EQ, then the phasers.

The whammy I really don't know to be honest!
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Tuner, Wah, Whammy, ODs to amp, and if you have an fx loop, EQ, and then the phasers in no particular order. If you dont have a loop, then put the EQ after the tuner or the distortions, then your phasers on last.
Assuming i do get a volume and delay, volume beginning or end of setup? And delay right at the end?
I'd go Tuner, Whammy, Wah, ODs, EQ, Phasers. Or if you have an FX loop, the phasers in that.
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I'd go Tuner, Whammy, Wah, ODs, EQ, Phasers. Or if you have an FX loop, the phasers in that.

Really? My Whammy is second to last in my chain, and the only reason my DD-20 is after it is so I can loop basslines and whatnot using the Whammy.
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