I'm in a band and we've decided to introduce the idea of using synth in our music. However, I'm a total n00b when it comes to this subject so I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to recording it :S

We currently use Toneport to record drums, vocals, guitar and bass but I'm not sure whether I could use a synth workstation (if that is what I need :S) with it. So I'm wondering how would I record the synth sounds onto our songs? Price range for the program isn't an issue, but it would be good if there was a way to use Toneport.

Also, we would want to play the synth live, so what we use to record with must be able to play live and with the same sounds (preferably without a laptop if this is possible!)

My price maximum is about £200 for the hardware.

I wasn't sure where to post my question so sorry if it's in the wrong place!

With only 200 pounds, you are pretty much limited to inexpensive synth plugins (I recommend looking at emusician.com for a good variety of them) and you can stick them in through MIDI tracks. I recommend getting a good MIDI keyboard (the M Audio 88es is $200 US new and offers all 11 octaves of keys) and looking around for free and inexpensive plugins (like these). The keyboard just plugs into your computer through USB. Read this to see how the synth works with the keyboard, then have fun.

If you don't need the key range, I recommend going instead for the Oxygen line. You can easily adjust the parameters of the synth while playing.
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Hey thanks a lot for the help!
Yeah, as I said, the cost of the program doesn't matter as my friend owes me some money and he'll get it for me!
Sorry to be more trouble, but would and how could I play these keyboards live? Would it be possible without a laptop?
Thanks again!
yea get a MIDI controller (in keyboard format, knobs and buttons are a nice feature as well) and wire it up to an audio/MIDI interface.
the keyboard will trigger the software, the software will put out sounds though your interface. Then you can run the interface outs to the house board.


if you want to run a keyboard for live use and don't want to use any computer youll need a hardware synth with keyboard on board such as the Yamaha S90 ES but that's a high priced setup, normally software is cheaper to start out with and sounds fairly good. But you still need a MIDI controller and interface to work with it.
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