I am posting for trades for some metal patches. I have over 35 patches which I will list in a second. I am not looking for money and I will not sell, I would like only for good patch trades. If I dont like the trade I wont go through with it, but if you have good stuff to trade, I am willing to talk.

Items I have:

Black Label Society Patch
Black Sabbath logo patch
Dokken logo patch
Whitesnake Logo Patch
Gwar red logo patch
Pantera logo patch
Testament logo patch (have to have something REALLY good or rare to trade for this)
Cannibal Corpse logo patch x2
Kreator logo patch
Heaven and Hell/Sabbath logo patch
Cannibal Corpse unleashing the bloodthirsty patch
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry patch
Gwar yellow logo patch (very different from red logo)
Pantera cards patch
Ministry Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs patch
Morbid Angel logo patch
Megadeth sparkly logo patch
Shadows Fall Patch
Pantera cowboys from hell patch (looks different than you probably think)
Dimmu Borgir Three Human Skulls & Giant Goat Skull Bleeding Logo patch
COBHC Children of Bodom patch
Slayer horns patch
Gwar face patch
Exodus logo patch
Rob Zombie 666 crew patch
Paul Stanley patch
Cannibal corpse oval logo patch
Slipknot People=**** patch
Judas Priest Nostradamus eye patch
Anthrax im the man patch
Machine Head The Blackening patch
Motorhead patch (Screen Print)
Cannibal Corpse patch (Screen Print)
Slayer Patch (Screen Print)

I reserve the right to deny the trade if I dont like it.

I live in oakville but the most i can do is come to union station in toronto. I will not have any money involved so that means i wont pay for shipping.. nor do i know how to ship. I dont have paypal either so this is really more for ontarians. Trades only.. give me something interesting that I havent seen before.
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