Any ideas? Trying to keep budget small, i don't care too much about sound quality.

Just looking for an acoustic that would feel like a standard 24 fret electric guitar to keep me practicing. Small body would be very continent. Metal strings as well.

Ill keep looking, see if i can find anything. Ill post if i do.
I don't think I've ever played an acoustic with 24 frets. But a 25.5" scale is pretty common.
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i've never seen an acoustic guitar with 24 frets...

i'm obviously wrong though, but i can't imagine the action is low enough on the higher frets to be able to play it as fast as an electric. hell i can't imagine a use for anything above the 14th fret on acoustic which happens to be the highest most dn's go.
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24 frets you wont find on an acoustic. The size of the body necessary to get a decent sound will prevent that. Soundcase volume and soundboard area are too important to trade in for the possibility to go high note freaking. Making the fretboard go all the way to the soundhole is no option either, for then the upper positions will be utterly out of reach. High notes don't ring as intense and sustainfull on an acoustic anyway.

There are however acoustics that have electric guitar-like skinny necks and slim fretboards. Ovation Celebrity springs to my mind right now. It's not a guitar liked by many, but with its long slim neck, small body, high up playability, metal strings, reasonable prize and rather mediocre sound it fits your description remarkably well.