too many people tab specific songs. look up if a tab exists before actually tabbing it
stop tabbing:

smells like teen spirit
smoke on the water
enter sandman
master of puppets
cowboys from hell
american idiot
purple haze
Sunshine Of Your Love

there has been lots more tabs than shown they reject them usually (they do need a better sunshine of your love on though)
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Holiday has alot of tabs too.

Its more of a band thing, more popular the band is, simply more people want tabs, and don't disagree with a tab they make there own.

I think that if there are 6 tabs, and if 2 of them have one star and have several votes.

They should be deleted. There obivously not good tabs, and must of slimmed past the people who check tabs.
Pretty much anything by Led Zeppelin or Green Day.
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Yes, definetaly, also "stairway to heaven" and "one".
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does it matter how many there are?

whats your problem?
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