Ok I know these are agathis, but Im of the opinion electronics are more important than wood. Yes wood changes the tone, but even great wood with poor electronics sounds bad (my schecter was like that).

I have spotted a warlock thats had two SD pups put in it with locking tuners. ITs going very cheap.

How do you think this will go? (i cant try before i buy).

What is the next like on warlocks?
Don't even bother.

I hate low end BcRiches... The necks are disgusting and so is the bridge.
But it depends how cheap, if it's say 40 go for it, could sell it on... But otherwise not worth it.

Surely you could wait and save for a slightly higher end Warlock? perhaps midranged?
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ha ha too late.

worst case i will remove the pickups and case it comes with and sell the axe for what it cost me.
well im not asking what its perceived to be like doing, im asking what it sounds like. have you guys owned a bronze and put a SD pup in it? or u talking ****
Bronze Warlocks are great for the money. People are just biased for one reason or another, most of them because of the shape, and not because of the sound. The sound is not bad at all, especially with upgraded pups.
bronze warlock guitars are truly digusting in almost every way.
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