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42 15%
Les Paul
100 36%
25 9%
Flying V
28 10%
80 29%
Voters: 275.
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Assume that Gibson comes in and offers to sponsor you. You accept. You're given the option of having your own signature SG, Les Paul, Firebird, Flying V, or Explorer. The hardware and the cost would be the exact same. Which do you pick?

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actually, I don't want a signature guitar
But a Firebird if I had to choose
I would want a Les Paul. Or a SG.
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I'd probably want an explorer because you don't really see those around too often.
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I'd probably want an explorer because you don't really see those around too often.

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There are very few signature Explorers, and Ive always wanted one, so one of those probably. Or a custom Firebird Studio with a Vibrola. Maybe a red '67 Flying V, Theres just something so cool about those guitars to me.
Definately a sig heavy metal thrash firebird with OFR and active pups(H)
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Either an LP (possibly with an Explorer headstock) or an Explorer. I certainly wouldn't bitch about an SG, though.
Explorer, I have a soft spot for them and there are far too many signature Pauls out there

Enough Said.
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Cream finished Explorer with a nice set of DiMarzios in it.

No question, only Gibson I would really consider buying
If I were a professional, I would definitely go for the Firebird. I want a les paul in real life, but if I were good enough to get sponsored by gibson I would go for the Firebird since its unique, even if I had to mod it to get the right tone.
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I'd get the SG

Things I would change with it to make it my signature:

Most importantly, strap button placement, put strap locks on, change location from back of guitar to the horn.

If the sgs dont come with grovers to start with, get those installed for tuners.

Star or cross inlays on fretboard.

For the color id go with white or red.

Probably also put in seymour duncan pickups in.

That would be my signature SG.

A killswitch would be cool to have on the guitar as well, but I really dont need it.

Edit: I would also get the weight balance more even so the neck doesnt dive to the floor, although the strap button placement would fix this its still not as comfortable.

I also think that any of us have a good chance of actually getting sponsered by gibson. As long as we start a band, it doesnt matter how bad we are, we will still get one.

Tom Delonge got his own es-335. Nuff said. Sure its just an epiphone but something tells me theyre not done.
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I would do it if....

1. They made the guitar just wood on the back.
2. Thin neck.
3. a little more wide neck.
4. Higher fret access.
5. OFR.

Oh and it'll be an explorer too.
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

LP. Though it'd never happen, since if I was going to have a signature guitar, I'd want it to be an LP with a Fender Strat trem bridge... doubt Gibson would be too happy about that one.
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Why no love for the ES? I wouldn't want to play one exclusively, but having one would be orgasmically sweet.

I've seen stranger. Who knows.

I'd want a flying V that I'm not going to describe or an explorer that was done up in a nice walnut shaded finish with parkerized frets and hardware and customized metal knobs (the kind of colors and textures you typically find on a classic rifle). So I voted for the explorer.

But I'm not gonna hold my breath or nothin.

As far as the ES, I love my 339. A little bright soudning and kinda feedbacky at rehearsal volumes for what I play with my band though. I can always adjust the tone with the controls, but It seems like such a waste to muddy it up, it's got such a rich tone to it.
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I don't know what I'd be famous enough to get a sig guitar for, so I hedged the bets and went with an SG. Maybe make it a Baritone scale just for giggles.
A Les Paul, for sure... the very first one, in fact, with an HSH configuration, and probably the only sig guitar with a killswitch button.
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Wow, imagine the neck dive on THAT one, hehehe. Interesting idea though. Would probably sound nice.
neck thru les paul?? O.o
alpine white. no pickguard. black binding. ebony fretboard. white inlays (not MOP). all gold hardware. EMG 81/85. with battery compartmentin the back. locking tuners. yeah not very much to do to a les paul..
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i tell them to **** off and wonder where fender or dean is
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I don't want to be that guy, but someone is going to say it anyway.
I wouldn't get any of those. I don't like Gibsons. And I've had an SG. Trying to sell it currently. Just not big on the humbucker sound. I'd rather have a Fender.

But if I could belittle myself and abandon my morals, I'd get an ES model with p-90s.
i would have to tell them im already sponsored by fender.
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A Korina Explorer. It'd come with a pickup setup like a Strat, but with a stacked bucker on the bridge. It'd also have a black pickgaurd, strap locks, and a contoured neck heel - Maybe a Clapton cut as well. It would have two variations - one as a string through body, the other with a Floyd Rose.

It'd have a different control setup, too. One tone pot, a volume pot for each pickup, and a master volume, as well as a killswitch and coil tapping abilities for the bridge.
I would get a explorer 7 string with a 26.5 scale and ebony board and bareknuckle Pups.
How 'bout, a sideways flying V. It would be like the reverse flying V but the body turned 90° on its side instead of turned 180° around.

You have the option of them having the V point either up or down, and it would be neck through. The headstock would also be turned 90 degrees, the opposite direction.

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