So do the pickups in the custom 24 really give any difference in sound compared to the custom 22?

Like if I put custom 24 pickups in a 22, would it give me a custom 24 sound (Is there a difference)? Because I think I read somewhere that the difference between a 22 frets and 24 is the scale length and something about neck pickups being closer to the something or other... now I'm just blabbering.
the 24 has hotter pickups, the tone is noticeably more "modern" than the 22. I prefer the HFS that come in the 24
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Thanks for the reply.

I emailed the guy who has them and said I'd buy them. Yay for modern tone! I wonder how easy/ how much it would cost to install them. Any rough estimates for it I took it to guitar center or somewhere? would a local shop be cheaper?

I see you have a red llama pedal? is that an original, or a clone? If it's original, I envy you

I bought a clone off ebay for like $90. It's ok, I think it doesn't really go with my amp. Or it's too much distortion as is.