Does anyone know someone who deals in used parts? I need one Ibanez tuner for my sons S series Ibanez and I really don't want to buy a whole set the other five are perfect! I searched Ebay and so far even the low ball auctions for machingheads have been going to to high just so I can get my hands on one tuner.

Thanks in advance
eh...that's too hard to find my friend..

my best advice is get a set of real grover tuners and such..it shouldn't break your wallet, it'll keep his guitar in tune better than he ever knew before, and you've got better tuning pegs.

if you need cheap tuners, and don't care much about amazing quality, check out guitar fetish, the tuners are decent, at least the ones i got.

good luck buddy.
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i dont think you can buy just one tuner. it comes in a set.
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Then, if it's a hardtail, take the above's advice and get locking tuners. Or go to a local shop, I once had to get a single tuner for a 1950's Silvertone. I just popped in to a mom and pop, and they fixed me up.
Yup yup, try a shop, they usually have all sorts of dodads lying around. They'd probably have a spare tuner, granted it might not be Ibanez but you wont have to buy a set.

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Thanks Guys,

Everyone just sells full sets even Ibanez. I am going to try a few of the repair shops I deal with. Even if it's not an exact match that would be OK. My kid doesn't have much money and I alrady gave him a lot of parts for it I already bought. Even if i replace the set I'll have 5 tuners in my parts box and still would like to find a single one to make it full in case I need a set.