Hi guys,

It's been a while since I posted here. I saw a Ibanez Iceman at Daddy's the other day and I picked her up and gave it a try and was really surprized at the feel, sound and playability of this guitar so much i pulled out the debit card and took it home. I had a PS 10 ages ago and it was one of my favs this much less expensive guitar seems to be of good quality for a low end guitar (under 180 bucks) I got to give Ibanez the thumbs up on this one.

They really do make great guitars for a low amount of money. The VBT700 and ICT700 are great examples, neckthrough design, great pickups, sexy design and both under 700 bucks.

Have fun with it =p
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I love Ibanez guitars I should have mentioned i got this used. Not sure what it went for new but this guitar is in mint condition.

lucky. all the shops where i am overcharge for everything.

kudos on the deal
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