wats up guys i just got an ipod i have downloaded all of my cd's onto it and i am lacking some metal....i tried to get on frostwire and limewire and i couldnt get any music to pull up and i was wondering where the people of the pit got there music from....
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Vuse and isohunt.com

...but you didn't hear that from me.
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Itunes :P
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i have like 120 cd's but i have no modern metal and i got an ipod so i could stop buying it
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i have like 120 cd's but i have no modern metal and i got an ipod so i could stop buying it

you bought an ipod to stop buying music??

that makes SOO much sense...not
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In a store, give the attendant money and you can get this thing called a cd, your favorite artist gets money too keep going, and you get optimal quality, if you don't want to get vinyls

Wait, what?

Artists make hardly any money off of albums, especially non-pop bands. Their money is all made on tour. I don't feel bad for downloading music. If i want to support a band, I'll buy their merch on tour.
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Don't download it, buy it.


urghhhhh arggggg (dead.)
There are these places called CD stores. They're quite nice.
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uh... yeah why is this htread bad? use a torrent. these programs are all legal. so i can recommend the download of these. he can legally download them. no problem. whether he pirates or not is not my problem or anyone else's problem
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Ever try buying the album?

Uh hey dumbass did you not read all the posts i hate retarded people like this
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I use Isohunt.com and utorrent. I download the album i want to buy before I buy it thus guarantying that I'm not wasting my money on buying an album that is terrible.
I get all my music from my uncle. He's my personal Torrent. Or anything that I know I could get from him, I just Torrent.
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YouTube will yield many sources...

Not really...
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your local music store... O_O
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Not really...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes it will

Google "downloading music google" and "downloading music real player"
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