My names Nick and ive been playing guitar for about 5 months and ive gotten pretty good since then, but lately i cant find any songs to play most of them are too hard or too complicated. I need a song that isnt too hard that will help me get back into playing guitar so i can continue getting better, something that when you play makes you feel really good, i like to play classic rock such as motley crue and acdc so anything around that genre would be perfect.

im open for any suggestions, thanks =]
Lean a black sabbath song. Most of tony's riffs are fairly simple. Or just make up your own ****.
Ahh yeh, are there any certain songs by black sabbath that you would recommend?

and ill try those drills too thanks.
Quote by cra3zynick
Ahh yeh, are there any certain songs by black sabbath that you would recommend?

and ill try those drills too thanks.

black sabbath stuff to learn:

neon knights, paranoid, heaven and hell, iron man, war pigs.

i'll write more if i think of any more.
Play with a metronome. Always.

Learn the notes on your fretboard.

Learn some scales (notes, not just boxes and shapes). Start off with the Blues scale, the Pentatonic major and minor, and maybe the Mixolydian mode of the major scale (it lends itself to the first two).

Learn chords and why they work.

All the information is available on the main UG site. If you do all of that, you'll be set for life
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Play what you love, love what you play
Open yourself to other bands, I recommend Beatles for straight forward lead work. Nothing too fancy.

But for the songs that seem a little out of reach, just too fast and the like, slowly practice them. Then speed up until you get it.

I second the scales, consider learning how to build chords, or at least get good at playing them.

You can't be a good lead until you can be a good rhythm. Remember that.
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I think you have fallen into a comfortable position with your playing. Some songs that you think are too tough probably aren't, you just need to practice at it more than you did learning the easy stuff. I sort of felt the same way, like I couldn't find a good song to play, but really I was just afraid to try and learn hard songs :P
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yeh, i think that mite be it, my mate said that if i tryed really hard at learning a hard song then id get over my bump and be able to learn alot more
Well, what songs do you like that you want to learn how to play?
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Just choose a song that has mainly powerchord based licks and doesn't require too much chops.

Don't gimme that elitist "powerchords suck" BS either.
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Learn something by Black Sabbath, Kiss, Nirvana, they've got alot of easy songs. Learn Pentatonic and the blues scale they're easy too.

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to really motivate yourself to do more you could even try to make up ypur own riffs or start a band. cos in the end playing other people's stuff is fun but i's not really getting you anywhere and it might not be the style of music you really like.

but if thats not for you i reccomend maybe what tweeb said.
black sabbath kiss etc.
Hmm yeh those songs were good but maybe a little more challenging, but only a lil maybe even something along the lines of Metallica maybe? im not sure what songs i could learn by them byt yeh if anyone has some more songs round that genre maybe.
guitar pro. . . loop a phrase. . . apply a low enough coefficient to the tempo to where you can play it. . . . gradually work the tempo up to time to where you can play it. . . . that the best I can do for you.
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