I play mostly punk rock and looking for a bass amp, whats the diffrence in the tone with 1x15' and 2x10' speakers, planning on buying a fender bassman, ampeg, or ashdown amp.
check the faq

im pretty sure it explains it

EDIT: taken from the faq

2x10 – Now just two 10 inch speakers, more portable than the 4x10 but has the same glass like top end but less volume and less low note boom. It’s definitely going to have less punch than a 4x10 but you’ll still get the basic tonal properties.

1x15 – A single speaker with a 15 inch diameter. Another common speaker combination. The big speaker leads to low end that really booms and can handle the lowest of notes. I personally love the warmth and rounded quality they add to the mids and highs but others hate them and have been known to describe the low-end they produce as muddy and undefined, something I believe is down to their EQ more than the speaker size. You’ll find these guys in many combo amps and in full stacks.
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For punk you would suit 2x10 better because it would be a lot more punchy than 115, and also, the 210 will be louder than the 115 for the same wattage. But they are normally a bit more expensive.
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I would suggest getting a 115. Any expericenxe i have had with a 2x10, they always seem to be lacking something. Get the 1x15 and then later on, combine it with a 4x10
What Ashdown are you looking at? I know there is a MAG that uses 4x10's, and it's about the same price as a Fender Bassman. It would have good high end, but because it would move more air, low end would be pretty good too.

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