So I'm sitting at my computer and out of the corner of my eye I see a mouse scurry by. Now, I'm guessing he lives under the sink in the kitchen next to me. Any tips on how to lure him out, ergo allowing me to trap him in a coat and smack him with a hammer (3 e-cookies to whoever guesses this reference).
I don't get the reference, but cheese and mouse traps. That's what they're for.

Alternatively just lay a land mine in the corner where you saw him...and don't step there yourself.
You could always not be a dick, and leave it the hell alone. Or at least less of a dick, and capture it and set it free.

Edit: Lure him out with this picture.

Dumb ass mouse will think it is going to get some.
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oooh its from christmas vacation
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try anything form avenged sevenfold

Peanut Butter.

Seriously, it's the best mouse bait you can get.
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find out where it came from and seal up the opening. Or just place a block of cheese in the middle of your floor and hide behind a table with a bow and arrow.
Perhaps you should unplug it or take out the batteries if you wish to do it harm. It might be one of the common "computer mice" They are normally found on top of some sort of pad where they move around making a clicking noise once and a while.
did you try cheese?
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dude... just leave him be. smoke a few joints and you wont even care. he has a right to live too. i say you should have a complete change of heart, and make a little mouse house for him under the sink. show him appreciation. he's a living thing too, and he deserves to continue to live, and to have some respect and some love. and seriously man, if you treat him nicely, he'll never annoy you. become his friend!!!
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You must go catch the plauge and give it to him before he has a chance to give it to you.

Give him gonorrhea while you're at it.
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You can use one of those high frequency pitch thingies that just drive 'em away. :O

the reference right?

such an awesome movie....

and for the mouse: CHEESE!
Don't kill him, make him a small home, and buy him a guitar. Teach him to play, and give him some badass dreadlocks....How awesome would that be?

Like Ralph S. Mouse....

But with a guitar.....
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It's best to be dead because It'll just knock up another mouse/or get knocked up and create more mice. That means haveing mice fecies all over the place, and having food knawed on and pooped all over.

But if you an animal lover just lay doubled sided tape where it runs through, so when it runs through it'll get stuck.
Once you get that you need to fix he/she so it can't reproduce.
OK, so I am having a stupid moment right now, so I thought you were saying you had a Moose running around your house. That would be pretty awesome.