Need some input on choosing between these two guitars. I haven't had the chance to A/B them to make a comparison. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
i just got the acoustic-electric version of the dr500re and i like it a lot. the action was set fairly well (i know i can adjust it) and it has very full base tones. i havent gotten to play the breedlove so i cant help ya there
i thought i liked the epiphone acoustics...i played all i could get my hands on...but that was until i played the breedlove stuff...all comes down to what sounds best to you...i dont think your going to have any quality issues with either..do a little research on breedlove's jld bridge truss system...plus breedlove is redoing their atlas series so they've dropped all their prices...you can have that AD25/SR for $600
ESP Eclipse with blackouts (Snow White)
Taylor 814ce (tabacco sunburst)
Dean Dime o Flage
Spider valve mkii
Fender Super Reverb
Peavey Vypyr 15
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