Hello guys!

I'm a guitarist from nyc looking for a band to start or join.
I have my own eqiupment. I play mostly the strokes, one republic, and fall of troy.
I am willing to travel. Hopefully not too far from my area.

PM me or IM me at NINJAHRAY.
what part of nyc are you from? maybe we can meet up and play alil, i have started a band, but we need a drummer. me and my bassist are looking for more musicians, let me know if you're interested
hi im a guitarist too i also play bass and piano. im learning drums but not too good right now.i usaly sing when i skate ,when im listening to a good song or in the shower. i can read music and tabs. im in woodside, queens but i sometimes skate to greenpoint brooklyn and everywherelse on the west side of queens. if yu still lookin im here.also goin to spunik to see a friend play