Better than a guitar mic since it's built to pick up more oomph. I never tried it but it seems logical enough to give it a shot.
If you have one laying around give it a shot....then get back to us on how it sounds...haha

I've never tried it myself but I could see something like a Shure SM57 working as well.
You can also DI your bass which is very common.

This looks interesting...
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I almost always DI, unless you've got an amp that is really worth micing up. Kick drum mics are very much suitable for micing up bass cabinets. However I've seen cases where many popular kick microphones are either better suited at micing up a bass cabinet or a kick drum, rarely have I seen one that does both really well. However you can only take these things with a grain of salt as ultimately it comes down to how you choose to use your microphones.
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theres no specific microphone designed for any instrument. its just experimenting to see what mic gets the sound you're after. I personally have used egg mics such as the shure beta52a on a bass cab a long with a 57 for most mic setups for bass rigs. I also use DI boxes for bass, as recommended above.

in all honesty, you can use any mic you want.
Ive gotta say that i usually go for the DI, however, any mic will do. It all just comes down to what you want it to sound like. The lower ther hertz that it can pick up the more umph you will pick up.

Also, play around with you eq when recording if you cant get it to sound right. sometimes the mic process will screw over your tone and changing eq can help a ton.

Good luck with this process, and post some sound bites alright?

When my band recorded my bass we used an SM57 DI'd and used a sub kick. mixed it up a bit and it sounded pretty killer
a kick mic is going to pick up the low end much better than say, a 57. if you're using a 57 or a "tom mic", i would most definitely DI it as well and mix the two together.

the best setup i've seen and done was a DI, a line out of the amp, and a D112 on the cab. blend to taste, and bam. killer bass sound.