So, I'm too cheap to buy an acoustic guitar, and I don't want to lug my Roland or my frontman with me when I want to play. So I would like a thing to plug into my guitar and let me play it in school.

I'd like some distortion to it, and for it to pack some punch, and not for it to sound tinny or too fuzzy. What's the best portable amp I can get for the money?
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roland microcube or marshall microstack.
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i would just get an acoustic guitar.
get a dobro, i love mine!
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Chea_man is the best.
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roland microcube or marshall microstack.

Or you could make a Ruby/Little gem, to avoid sounding tinny I think you'd need headphones or a full amp. The microcube is good but it still sounds, unsurprisingly, small to me.
I played a used one, all I got was hiss - I suppose it could have been crap though...

Looks like I'll need to play one again (new this time)
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I played a used one, all I got was hiss - I suppose it could have been crap though...

Looks like I'll need to play one again (new this time)

Don't bother - I own one and I agree with you... it sounds pretty horrid. I mean it does come in handy when you need an amp somewhere you couldn't take a normal amp. And you really can't expect much from something with 2 inch speakers but it just doesn't sound good!
Microcube!!! It's great. you can even put a strap on it and wear it on your shoulder.

Takes forever to kill six AA batteries with that thing, even with volume at the max.
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+1 on Ruby ( a clean amp)
or a micro cube.

The smaller amps really sound tinny though due to their small size and speaker. they just don't work too well.

I built a Ruby a while back and still have it but I don't have a proper amp cab for it so I hardly play it. I do like to run an OD pedal with it though as it gives a clean/crunch tone.

I used to love the sound of the micro cube but now I find it a little tinny like it lacks mid range which is one again, due to the small speaker...
Roland Micro Cube or a Vox DA5. Both are the best out there (imo) for portability. Also, the Orange Micro Crush has overdrive, it is tiny too, but no where near the standards of the Vox or Roland. As with the Marshall Micro-Stack (I own the MS-4. You need a Distortion/Overdrive pedal to get gain from it)