I have a 2000 impreza RS 2.5 and the 13mm sway on the back is lame. I want to put a 20mm bar on. Anyone have any experience with this? Suggestions? I figure im looking at about 200 bucks, but people have told me like 80 bucks is adequate(sp?).
I'll be doing all the work myself of course. Thanks.
dude, it's not worth two hundred. sure, it may help in the winter, but if it's not broken, don't fix it. Even if it was broken, don't bother, it still drives just fine.
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It's absolutely worth $200. Cars are just like anything else in that you get what you pay for.

Also, not trying to be a jackass, but if you're going to be doing all of the work your self, I would think you would have the knowledge of what you need already and wouldn't be asking a subforum of a guitar forum. JMO.
It isn't hard. There is (at least on my cars, which have sway bars installed in all of them) a part on the lower a-arm of either side were it bolts to. The bar then curves around the frame where two bushings are fastened to the chassis. Its pretty self explanatory and shouldn't take more than an hour or so if you have the right tools.

Here is a pic of one installed on a Porsche.

Im sure you have done your research, but it has been a while for me but i do believe that you want to make the sway bar thicker on the opposite end of where you are having the problem. Meaning, if you are over steering (drifting or letting the tail slide out) then you want to add it to the front. For body roll, well, you gotta add sway bars all around to notice any real difference.

Oh, and $200 sounds about right for the whole kit; but that's only for the front OR rear, not both. That's what i paid.
Thanks everyone... maybe not so much to Legacy :P...

I agree with you dogismycopilot, im pretty sure you increase the thickness of the back one to reduce understeer. and both will reduce body roll. i have a 20mm on the front so im gunna move up to a 20 in the back too and that should improve both my understeer and body roll. hopefully it wont create oversteer lol... shouldnt be a problem becuase i have AWD..

And i found out the quote of 80 bucks waas for a used bar so the 200 seems correct.