im about to turn sixteen and i bought a four way amp with two 10" kickers for $75. the kickers work fine. ive tested them using my home stereo system. however the amp is missing a power cable.

just wondering if yall know how much it would typically cost to get a new one and where i might find it (best buy, etc.)
Best Buy gouges hard on all cables, installation equipment, etc. You'll actually need all of the following to install your amp, though:

1. Power wire (can't really say what gauge without knowing what amp)
2. Ground wire (same gauge as power)
3. Turn on wire (18-20 ga is fine, no real current draw here)
4. In-line fuse holder and fuse (always fuse your power wire within 12" of the battery terminal)
5. Ring terminals for power and ground, some sort of wire cap for the turn on lead.

Basically, unless you already have all of that, minus a power wire, you're better off buying a prepackaged amp install kit. Just find one that's rated at a high enough wattage for your amp. For anything lighter than like a 4-6 gauge kit, you should be able to get the whole setup for around $40 or less. You won't need a heavier kit unless you're going with at least 400-500 watts true power. If you DO just need a power wire, you should be able to find it for around $2-3/ft. tops (but these prices are fluctuating like crazy, so who knows?) You'll need about 13-15 ft for a truck cab, mounting under or behind the seat, and around 18 ft for a car, run to the trunk.

edit: If you can at all, check a couple of local specialty dealers for pricing. I sell this stuff at my family's store, and I've literally seen amp installation kits and wiring at 4-5 times retail pricing at Best Buy. That's how they advertise free installation on all of their head units. You buy the stereo, they install it for free, but they must use their materials, which they intentionally price higher to more than make up for labor.
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