My friend told me I'll need a MIDI interface to hook up to my laptop to be able to record from a mic.

He recommended a condenser mic for my acoustic, and said I'll need a seperate mic for vocals. But couldn't I just use the condenser for vocals as well?

I'm just looking for a cheap setup, anywhere in the range of 100-200 for basic home recording with just vocals and solo acoustic guitar.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I was looking for some stuff, and found a MXL 990 Condenser Mic, and the Line6 Toneport GX recording interface, and they seemed pretty solid for what I need them for. So what else would I need if I decided on those?
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you need an audio interface, not a midi interface to record with a mic.

The MXL 900 is a great mic for starting out, I use one myself. It works great for vocals as well as recording acoustic guitars, the large diaphram really helps capture the rhythmic color of the guitar versus a small diphram which is better for treble.

The only other things you need to record is a mic stand, preferably a boom mic stand, and a xlr cable. You could get a pop filter if you want to help get better vocal recordings or you can just make one out of an old pair of leggings and a cross stitching frame.
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you can find cheap interfaces. the line6 toneport interfaces basically just take your mic/guitar, and put it into your computer, as simple as possible. To get to all the complex recording, you need a bigger budget, but you'll do fine with a simple interface, condenser mic, and i think you need a separate vocals mic (i don't know, i don't use acoustics and therefore, no condenser mics). if you've got an acoustic-electric, that takes out the condenser mic, as you can plug it into the interface

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I have a set of MXL mics, a 900 large diaphram and 993 small diaphram, I use the 900 to do vocals and record my acoustics and it works fine for both. I use but the 900 and the 993 to record stereo acoustic guitars, where the large diaphram pickups the rhythm while the small diaphram 993 picks up the treble. The blend together pretty well and a real good combo for acoustic finger picking. You can use the 900 for acoustics by placing it a few inches from the fretboard right around the spot where the neck and body connect and aim the diaphram at an angle towards the sound hole.
This should get you off to the right path:

MIDI is data, not audio.
You want an audio interface, not a MIDI interface.

The GX toneport doesnt have phantom power for your condenser.
I like the MXL 990/991 pack for acoustic guitar and the 990 works good on vocals.

Youll want to find an interface with two inputs and phantom power
The Inspire 1394 from PreSonus is a nice firewire unit and very low in price. I suggest going for that.

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Thanks for all the help guys.

Would there possibly be a cheaper audio interface with phantom power? Even if it means sacrificing one of the inputs? Because it is not an electric-acoustic, so I would only really need one input.
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