So, I'm on tour merch-ing for Buck Brothers on their tour with Goldfinger. Any advice about life on t'road?
Don't get wasted and make yourself look like an ass, don't flirt with chicks and ignore your stock, watch for faggot kids who'll try and shoplift, have fun

Also, remember how important your job is. Merch makes the band a lot of money, you're an essential part of the touring machine.

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try not to piss off the band. Eat a salad every once in a while. and most of all, Have Fun.
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I absolutely love Buck Brothers to bits, so I'm definately going to be making sure no arsewipes try to steal stuff from Ye Olde Bucke Shoppe.

I'm definately going to make sure that I stay eating healthily, so it's not just going to be a diet of Jagerbombs and pot noodles! I'm probably going to keep completely away from narcotics on tour, actually. I don't want to be waking up in a different place every day with the mother of all hangovers, and I like to watch my figure.
My old band supported Buck Brothers on a date of their 2007 tour. BB liked us a lot, and since I'm bandless at the moment, they asked me if I'd fancy going on tour with them on t'merch stand.

I'd put a 'bassist and drummer' wanted ad on here, but I don't play metal- more alt. rock, really, as you can probs tell by my gear.
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So is John.

Are you guys coming to Southern California?
Sadly, we're not- just the UK

Today- Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Monday- Oxford Academy
Tuesday- Norwich Waterfront
Wednesday- Manchester Academy
Thursday- London Islington Academy

I THINK. Check Goldfinger's myspace if you're in doubt.

If you can, come see me and quote a random meme or something- put a smile on my little merch boy face, as if I wouldn't already have one! Buck Brothers are one of my favourite bands ever!