That was pretty good, the amp settings seemed a little off but the playing was great, i play this song myself and it's fun hearing someone else play it singlehandedly (the real song has more than one person play all that).
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Sick job man, that sounds unreal.

Funny thing is, you have more of a dimebag sound than Metallica, Irregardless, Unreal Job

yeah i agree with the dimebag sound, but still awesome...
I think one section in the intros a bit off, but the spider riffs right on. Besides that little bit in the intro and maybe an unsteady rhythm in the verse I really can't find a playing flaw and I'm at the second chorus. I'd recommend learning that clean section, you actually probably know it but since you only have one guitar might not have been able to play it, its pretty fun to play but nice job on the part after that and with James' solo and also with Kirk's solo. Very nice job overall.

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I love the tone dude!
Are you using EMGs, because it sounds really tight.
It sounds alot like the actual recording with the old crunchy, muffled sound.
The only thing is that you got off beat a few times and missed a couple notes.

Overall, 8/10

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