first off, i'd like to apologize in advance, i'm sure a million threads like this pop up all the the time, but nevertheless i need some info. i bought an ibanez RG120 for the exclusive purpose of drop c tuning. long story short, it kind of sucks, and i've decided to use it as a project guitar. now, i need a good midrange guitar, preferably w/ a floyd so that it'll hold tuning better (although if anyone has suggestions as to a guitar w/out one i'm still willing to hear them). i play mostly metal/ hard rock, so as such cleans aren't as important to me as the distortion will be. my budget is about $500-600ish. a couple guitars i've been considering are:


http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG321-Electric-Guitar?sku=512492 (even though it lacks a floyd)



thanks in advance
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The S320 or a Schecter with a Floyd are what I'd recommend. The Jackson is a LFR and the RG321 is an Edge 3, neither of which are up to snuff compared to a Floyd or ZR trem. Just make sure whatever you get has an Edge Pro (unlikely at that price range), ZR, or OFR instead of an Edge 3 or LFR.
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IMO the jackson has the nicest neck of those, and the floyd is actually pretty decent compared with a lot of licensed floyd rose's that are out there.

The pick of the trems is certainly the ZR on that ibanez but i dont really like the playability or tone of them next to the jackson but thats preference.