where can i get this part fixed (the strap knob well the screw was jacked up and it ruined the wood (its blunt now) its the first part near the fretboard. i forgot the name sorry. its what connects the strap to the guitar. the wood is blunt inside. no matter how many times i screw it in, it just wont stay.
what can i do? or where can i go in vegas.
Get some Elmer's Wood Glue, put some on a toothpick and put in inside the hole of the strap knob. Spread the glue on the inside of the hole and put the knob back on and screw it in. Let dry before putting the strap back on.
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If you take some wood glue and wood shavings, you make essentially a wood filler. Fill the hole with that, let it harden, and then screw into it. Right now your hole is stripped, so you need to make a ,new one with new threads that aren't stripped.
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