What should i get a $400 Guitar and a $500 amp or a $300 guitar and a $600 amp or what cause right now ill ive got is a squire and the amp it came with also i play metal and hard rock.Amps or guitars suggestions within the price range is greatly appreciated too.

if i cant have this type of post here tell me where to put and ill move it.Well good night everybody
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Deans are great guitars. o_o
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I don't care about the f***ing radius of the f***ing inlay.
^ I don't think his post was directed at you or knocking your suggestion, but I don't think that particular dean would be a good choice for the OP because of the single pickup.

I suggest spending more on the amp than the guitar. Do you mostly play metal? Do you play cleans at all?

used peavey 5150/6505, ultra, xxx, jsx, windsor, or triumph - I like peavey. Stay away from the valvekings, and don't buy a classic if you play mostly metal. If you don't mostly play metal then a classic series is a fine choice.

or maybe something B-52

For guitar, if you like the feel of strats, you should upgrade to a MIM Fender. Something like a Fat strat would suit you I think. Or, you can look into lower priced ibanez, but stay away from their guitars with edge-III bridges. Schecters like the omens and ESP ltd series are also worth a look.

Don't for get to look used. You live in Sacramento right?
ya i play mostly metal and some clean.but i like the feal of other guitars too not just strat like ones.howd ya know i live in sac?

Edit:ive been looking at the crate flexwave and randall rx anyone played owned or heard about these amps?

EDIT:i have also looked at the ibanez art100
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