Okay, I didnt see the girlfriend thread, so if someone wants to put it in here if its still alive, go right ahead, but I need help with my girlfriend. A little backstory is me and her having been going out for 3 years through highschool. I graduated this year, Took her to prom, and i love her. She says she loves me. Well, I went into her email because mine wouldnt load to mail something to myself for later. I went back into mine and I didnt get it yet. Since im not use to using Hotmail, I go back in it, and then I click sent messages and found a message where she admits to a guy that she "Really likes him" but didnt want to say anything because of me, and how jealous she got when he talked about the girl he liked.

The guy whom she confessed this to, I hate with a passion. I always had a sense something was more then friends between them, and I never trusted him, when I guess it was her I shouldn't of been trusting...What do I do? Please, help, advice...anything. I was just about to go to sleep, but I dont feel like it anymore, so advice on what to do to kill time for 12 hours before she comes online?

Oh, and I sent her a email telling her I knew aswell.
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Well. First of all, there IS a relationship thread.
Secondly, it's alive when someone posts there with problems like yours.
Thirdly. I guess you have to do the hardest thing possible. Accept it's over and dump her.

That's what I'm gonna do tomorrow, actually. We're brothers in arms, mate.
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Kill that Dude in a battle to the death... then your competition is dead, and you look like a bad ass Jason Stathem type infront of your girlfriend... Win-Win.

in all seriousness, talk it out. relationships can't exist without communication. if the two of you can talk things out and come to an agreement, power to ya. lots of people have crushes even while they love someone completely. its just one of those things. but if the two of you can get past this, then excellent.
Go to the "Forbidden threads: Read this before posting a new thread" or something to that effect. It's stickied. The relationship thread is in there.
Rip out his eyeballs, put em in your mouth and spit them in your girlfriends face. Cut his penis off and whack her silly. Worked for me.
i agree with didius, just talk about it, be cool, ask her to be honest and if she prefers him, just try to get over it (i kno it's hard man.. )
You kinda deserve it for reading her email, but know that you know you either confront her or leave her ass, but it's not like she acted on those feelings and cheated on you. Just remember she's with you and not him which means she likes you more. Just talk to her.
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Talk to her about it. It's pretty normal for someone to like other ppl, but this doesn't mean that they're out to cheat on their partner. If she really loves u then she'll let u know what goes on in her head... and will stay with u afterwards.
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What kind of girlfriend sends emails behind your back telling guys she "really likes" them?
Dump the bitch.