I have a SG-400 on the guitar there is the pickup selector rhythm, middle, treble which one do I leave it on and what do they do and where do I have the tones? Thx.
depends wt sound you want tbh
putting it on rhythm or lead selects either the bridge or Neck pickup
butting it to middle combines both
Lead will have a more treble-y sound, for lead work, soloing etc
Rhythm is more.... Rhythmy. Less Treble-y etc.
i have a EPi SG400
and i always leave it on the Lead.
This is because i think the guitar sounds so much better on that pickup
even form rhythm
but its personal preference
the "treble" position selects the bridge pickup. the "rhythm" position selects the neck pickup, in the middle is both.

You don't need to worry about the labels at all, they don't really mean anything, just play around withthe settings until you get something that sounds nice to you.
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