hi UG forumers...
urm..my guitar is an ASHTON..a cheap guitar with strat styled body...
currently using Ernie Ball's Super slinky...
but i'm plannin to play lower tuning...like C#...and with the super slinkies..the strings are a bit loose...
plannin to get a thicker strings..
1) should i just get the power slinky?
2) what's spring gauge?
3) will thicker strings affect my bridge? like more force will b applied to the bridge..

i lyk super slinkys coz they come in a better color pack. but it really depends on what color ur into.

buh yeh what the guy above said. and the neck will bow a bit with fatter strings so a quick truss rod adjusting shd fix that.
10-52 hybrids is what i use. It's not really going to effect your bridge unless you got a floyd rose. Intonation will need to be set but I wouldn't even do that until you find a gauge you want to stick with. It won't be to much off. Truss rod adjustment may need to happen. I've had guitars where the neck bowed when going to heavy strings and I've had some that I got stock and put heavy strings on and didn't need to adjust it.
u should check out the power slinky's. they've got a heavier bottom whcih is great for dropped tunnings because they're thicker so when u tune down they're not as loose and they keep their tension. they also sound ticker, heavier and with deeper tone.
I think if you're gonna be switching from drop C to standard the best gauge to use would be 0.11's. They're what I use and although i don't go to drop C, i regularly switch between E standard and drop D