Hey everyone, and greetings from Germany,
I was just thinking about introducing you guys to one of my bands. Aurae fw. Kopp is a band inspired by Death from Above 1979, Klaxons and some other dance punk artists and has released a debut EP in Spring 2008. Me and my partner are the only members, and together we rock our ways through distortion and rhythm.

Okay, enough of the cheesy promo talk. You can download the debut EP "Self-own Yr Cellphone!" for free at our myspace. Don't hesitate to add us on myspace and spread the love, too!

Aurae fw. Kopp @ Myspace
Aurae fw. Kopp @ Ultimate Guitar

Have fun and leave a comment
Definitely good live-music. Not something I'd sit and listen to, but I'd see guys you live.
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