guys, i'm thinking of getting a real Gibson les paul for years, its just that i cant affort brand new unit,even even if ESP LTD also very expensive in my place, so used is the only way to go i guess. However theres one here over my place for sale and its within my budget range, its used and 2 years old. wondering should i go for it??

Although Gibson does produce some quality guitars, if you're on a budget (which it appears that you are), then there are numerous alternatives that will give you far more bang for your buck. Gibson's guitars are generally highly overpriced, and for the price you pay for this Gibson Studio, I would be willing to bet you can purchase a much higher quality guitar.

Give us some price-ranges, and we can give you some suggestions. If you're just looking to buy a Gibson for the sake of buying a Gibson (and your intention is not simply to purchase a good guitar), however, then this probably won't be helpful for you.
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hi, actually i already had a Ibanez prestige MIJ superstrat, RG1570 to be exact. just would like to add in a Gibson Les Paul in my gear list so that it will be 'complete.

anyone had any experience with Gibson Les Paul studio? is it worth the price? tone/sound wise??
I think they're some of the few Gibsons "worth" the price. I like them, and am saving for one. The tone is amazing, and the feel, is better than any guitar I have played. I would get one.
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yup, sometimes just wondering that having many MIJ, MIC, or even MIK guitar or just go for the 'real deal' which in my case here Gibson LEs Paul, and as a keeper.