I don't really know much about 12 string acoustics but was reading about them and got interested with them, i was wondering what is the standard tuning on a 12 string? Thanks in advance.
Standard is EADGBE
but like this E A D G B E
e a d g b e

you just tune the pairs to the same thing

Ee Aa Dd Gg Bb Ee

it works on harmonics or something i cant remember

Edit - Not harmonics octaves


It's standard tuning, but the EADG strings have extra ones an octave above, while the B and e strings have extra ones of the same note.
A 12 string guitar has the same 6 strings that a 6 string guitar has but each string has a 'twin'. For the 4 thickest strings (EADG) the twin is tuned to the note an octave above. For the 2 thinnest strings, the twin is tuned to the same pitch. So, the tuning is EeAaDdGgBbEe.
Regarding the G string's twin, some tune it an octave up, some tune it to the same pitch and others, like John Butler, remove it altogether.
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So, the tuning is EeAaDdGgBbEe.

Or EeAaDdGgbbee

Or EeAaDdggbbee if the g's in unison