even if the video was a copy, it doesnt mean it was actually coldplay. It could have been that coldplay didnt care or didnt have any ideas for the video and just turned up for the shoot and the director said "here's what we're gonna do."

but it might've been coldplay
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-.- im on about the song
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they're indeed quite similair
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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The version with Satch playing over the Coldplay sounds awesome. I'd go out and buy that. They should team up to do it live.

But yeah, the chord progression and melody are both examples, IMO, of music that "already exists". It's just one of those progressions that sounds great. Both musicians have picked it up because it fits so well. Satch will have found it one day messing round with all his scales, and Coldplay will have done the same, only on a piano.

If it is a case of ripping off, we can say goodbye to most popular music.
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Of course they have, they couldn't have came up with the same chord progression at all.

well this IS cold play after all lol
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.
If Satch played live with Coldplay, there is a risk that most people watching would be introduced to proper, non-commerically driven music too quickly and commit suicide because of it.
It's just a common chord progression. I doubt Avril Lavigne or Akon has ever heard of Pachelbel, but both of them have used the chord progression from Pachelbel's Canon.
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Just because two songs are similar doesn't mean that one artist neccessarily copied the other, music vocabulary is finite, especially when you're just using four chords.
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holy ****

i think one of the parts is pitch shifted slightly though. Not an exact overlap, but wow, same progression, same melody line. Quite a bit of a coincidence...or was it
Who cares?

In the end Coldplay suck major balls whether they copied or not.
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Meh. Both songs suck astronomical balls. Viva La Vida is a disgrace coming from the band that wrote f*cking Yellow. And Satch's version was possibly worse